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Precis Database

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The links below will take you to folders for each of our texts (and a separate folder for "follow-a-footnote assignments).  To submit your weekly precis, follow these steps:


1) Click on the appropriate folder below

2) Click "New" and choose "Create a page"

3) Name your page using the following format: "Author's Last Name - Book Title (Your name)" [e.g. "Manovich - Software Takes Command (Jim)"]

4) Click "Use a Template" and choose "PRECIS TEMPLATE"

5) Click "Create Page"

6) Complete your precis and click "save" (make sure to save your work often)


Book Precis


Software Takes Command - Lev Manovich


The Language of New Media- Lev Manovich


My Mother was a Computer- Katherine Hayles


Remediation- Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin


Media Ecologies- Matthew Fuller


Delay Call Forwarding - Avital Ronell


Support Our Tropes - Avital Ronell


TraumaTV - Avital Ronell


Gramophone, Film, Typewriter - Friedrich Kittler


Two Bits - Christopher Kelty


The Laws of Cool (Parts 1 and 2) - Alan Liu


Mechanisms- Matthew Kirschenbaum


Persuasive Games- Ian Bogost


Expressive Processing- Noah Wardrip-Fruin


Ex-Foliations- Terry Harpold


Lingua Fracta- Collin Brooke 



Follow-a-footnote Precis:



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